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Why My529Advisor?

Are you wondering which 529 savings plan is best for you? Finding and establishing the perfect 529 plan can be time consuming and frustrating. My529Advisor is the expert, go-to resource for all of your 529 advising needs.

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How Does It Work?

Register as a client. We match you with the best 529 savings plan for your situation. Follow our easy, step-by-step action plan. We will send you annual updates and recommendations. Contact us whenever you have questions!

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What You Receive?

You’ll receive: a personalized 529 savings plan report; annual updates to our 529 recommendations; updated analysis & recommendations; constant monitoring of state/federal changes; unlimited access to our 529 advisors; exclusive client only E-newsletter.

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Become a Client

Giving your loved ones the chance for a better tomorrow starts today. Create a dedicated savings plan and set your plans in motion with four simple steps.

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Choosing the best 529 by yourself can be a daunting task.

There are 80+ different state 529 savings plans, with different rules, requirements, and investment options. Sorting through each and every plan can be frustrating, time-intensive, and difficult - to say the least.

My529Advisor eliminates those concerns and does all the work for you. We:

  • Analyze your specific needs, requirements, and college funding goals

  • Find the perfect 529 savings plan for you and your future student

  • Educate and advise you on every crucial piece of information you will need to know

  • Help you ensure the future of your loved one through education

My529Advisor has a qualified and experienced team of financial experts, dedicated to educating you about 529 savings plans, requirements, investment strategy, and more. 

You can rest assured that all of our recommendations are completely unbiased since we do not sell securities or financial products, and we do not receive commissions or share in any revenues from the 529 plans and investments we recommend to customers.

Sign Up Today! - Begin the process that will help guarantee education for your future student and jumpstart their career the right way.

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My529Advisor offers an easy, low-cost, yet highly personalized and professional advising solution for 529 savings plans. Learn more today!

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